Saturday, 14 July 2007

Respect Religions & Beliefs

I have been hearing and reading this a lot, and it's usually the people with a religion or a belief that say it. I respect intelligent thoughts and beliefs - I do not respect narrow minded, blind idiots that believe in unquantifiable fantasies. I do not respect the rapist who thinks its cool to rape young girls, although he might believe he is justified in doing that. I do not respect the thief who robs although he might be able to justify his actions. And I will go even further, the people that make the statment "Respect religions and beliefs" are cowards and ignorant - afraid of true debate and facing the truth based on scientific facts. Yes the world is round, it is FACT, although it took you religious types many hundreds of years and many 1'000's of deaths of people who accepted the world was indeed round until religious doctines finally accepted that simple, scientific truth.

Muslims believe in stoning to death men or women for acts they consider aldulterous - let me ask you intelligent reader, Do you respect that? After all it is part of their religion, it is their belief that what they are doing is correct. Do you stand casually on one side and let that happen?

Have you ever seen a stoning? Do you want to see a real live public stoning? I will give you one.

Go on, click the link - I dare you to watch this and then tell me you respect the people and their beliefs that did this. Look at how they are shouting and enjoying this spectacle - they are LESS than animals.
Do you think this has anything to do with intelligence, justice, or is even remotely humane? Those people died slowly, painfully, their eyes hanging out of their sockets, teeth shattered, tissue and bone slowly rent apart, bleeding to death, brain tissue oozing out of fractured skulls - watch it, and then tell me you respect this practice and the people responsible.

But no, do you turn a blind eye because it is based on "religion" and we are taught to respect religions??? Do you say "If thats what they believe then thats up to them"

If thats what you think, if you do nothing, if you say nothing, YOU ARE A DAMNED COWARD

Are you going to answer with "Well my religion doesn't teach those kinds of things"


I do not advocate violence, and in fact it is my experience that "speaking your mind" about religion sparks a violent reaction from those that pretend to be religious (they kind of forget their beliefs in these moments and convert into raging monsters). I have lived in many 2nd and 3rd world countries and have witnessed many things at first hand. You might win the argument during the day but don't be surprised if a gang of machete wielding "good religious people" turn up at your door during the night. Whether they are christian, catholic, muslim, etc. makes no difference. But speak up and speak out you must - harness the power of the written word, the photograph, the video, the blog. The barbarism of the religious and their religions has been with us for 1,000's of years, so it will not disappear overnight, but when religious fanatics and idiots are a small minority and intelligent, peacful and constructive human beings dominate the world, maybe we can say that humanity has progressed and advanced.

To be continued....

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