Friday, 23 October 2009


This is a challenge for the Mexicans... and in fact anyone else, but especially focused on the mexicans...

First in spanish:

Ustedes mexicanos... un reto, que te puedes caminar mas que 30 metros sin encontrar basura en tus calles?

You mexicans... a challenge, can you walk more than 100feet without coming across garbage in the streets... ?

Well of course the answer to the above, is the same in both english and spanish... NO YOU CANNOT !

The same applies to any other country - if the answer is NO then you are DIRTY FILTHY HUMANS...

Get over it and do the right thing - I don't care if "Cleanliness is next to Godliness", but filth is just downright piggish, porcino.... don't come crying here on the internet with your flu's and influenzas and other maladies... it's all your own fault.

Saturday, 17 October 2009


Well ooops, seems like someone has censored our fun picture that we issued in the article below.... tut, tut, who is resposible for this???

We will try and repost it and see if this happens again...

Meanwhile, some goodstuff is coming... it is way long text and when I have the time I will post it....

Peace and cool to all the normal, well adjusted and balanced intelligent people out there...
That means YOU who reads this....


Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Mexicans-BeGone - Click To View Product Full Size
Are you suffering from an outbreak of Mexicans in your neighbourhood? Are your once clean urban streets now littered with Mexican trash and filth? Is your once quiet sub-division now destroyed by noisy Mexicans with their stupid dogs, poorly maintained cars, and dreadful music???

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Based on the recent "Swine Flu Virus" this easy to use "Discrete Spray" is perfect for applying anywhere there is an infestation of Mexicans. Using the handy spray just apply a few squirts of this exclusive liquid anywhere that Mexicans are known to congregate... such as Mexican restaurants, street corners, markets, football stadiums, prisons, and especially close to those nasty un-hygenic street food venders, etc. and within just 4 days NO MEXICANS!

Guaranteed To Remove Only Mexicans - Does not affect local flora or fauna.

As Seen On TV - Recent clinical studies have proved that Mexicans-BeGone is currently the world's most effective, passive, 100% biologically green agent capable of removing Mexicans from any location without collateral side effects.
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Mexicans-BeGone is a now available to the general public in 3 handy spray sizes - Household, Urban, and Industrial.

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