Tuesday, 28 April 2009


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Are you suffering from an outbreak of Mexicans in your neighbourhood? Are your once clean urban streets now littered with Mexican trash and filth? Is your once quiet sub-division now destroyed by noisy Mexicans with their stupid dogs, poorly maintained cars, and dreadful music???

Worry No More - Now with Mexicans-BeGone you can restore your beloved neighbourhood back to it's clean, peaceful, pre-Mexican condition.

Based on the recent "Swine Flu Virus" this easy to use "Discrete Spray" is perfect for applying anywhere there is an infestation of Mexicans. Using the handy spray just apply a few squirts of this exclusive liquid anywhere that Mexicans are known to congregate... such as Mexican restaurants, street corners, markets, football stadiums, prisons, and especially close to those nasty un-hygenic street food venders, etc. and within just 4 days NO MEXICANS!

Guaranteed To Remove Only Mexicans - Does not affect local flora or fauna.

As Seen On TV - Recent clinical studies have proved that Mexicans-BeGone is currently the world's most effective, passive, 100% biologically green agent capable of removing Mexicans from any location without collateral side effects.
(Please read the instructions carefully for use and handling).

Mexicans-BeGone is a now available to the general public in 3 handy spray sizes - Household, Urban, and Industrial.

Why Wait? You don't have to put up with Mexicans any longer - available NOW at all Wal-Mart, WalGreens, and Home Depot stores worldwide.

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(Based on the tried and tested SARS virus)

Recommended by the U.S. Department Of Immigration


Nobody said...

The above post will, for some, be funny and appropriate, while for others it will be considered offensive and insulting, however, consider this:

Any potential terrorist, person with a grudge, or simply someone who wants to make a statement can do so easily, without weapons, without bombs, without training, without any sophisticated equipment - all one has to do is take some swabs from infected people, grow cultures in easily purchased petri-dishes, and store the results in a simple household refridgerator for future use. It would be easy to create and subsequently move liquid virus samples through airports undetected, and easy to use in the desired locations.

The results can bring about not only 100's or 1,000's of deaths, but national panic, global isolation, and ultimately economic ruin for some countries.

The steps that Mexico has taken to try to resolve the current Swine Flu crisis are going to hurt many millions of mexicans economically, and the longer the crisis drags out, the greater the economic decline.

Bring a country to it's knees? Yes - and whether or not world governments also consider and practice such covert activities, the potential remains for anyone with a grudge to do exactly that.


I am a foreigner currently living in an upscale neighbourhood of Mexico - in front of me over the road is a street "restaurant". Daily they throw their unused food/dirty water at the side of their restaurtant. They have no sewage facilities but they have rigged up a toilet that empties out behind the restaurant. 50 yards along the road from them are some idiots that have a "Black Magic" shop that promises wealth for those that follow their suggestions, and this includes the sacrifice of live pidgeons behind their shop front (which is also the same grounds where the restaurant dumps it's waste). They leave the carcasses there.

This area behind the restaurant is also used as a public toilet by people out on the street - No they don't have toilet paper - and often you will see someone take a crap behind the restaurant and then enter the restaurant to eat.

The streets are full of trash, bits of food, dog shit, a lot of it ends up in my front drive. Mexicans just throw their trash down where they standing - food, bottles, plastic, used diapers... you name it, it is there on the streets.

Others use the streets as a public dump, such as houshold trash, hospital trash, bandages, syringes, slaughter house carcasses, you will see trash that you have never imagined thrown out on the streets. No kidding, no exaggeration.

At night packs of dogs roam the area, they eat the shit from the drains, they eat the trash, they eat the used diapers.

The area is full of mosquitos, that live and breed in all that trash and shit. Remember this is an UPSCALE NEIGHBOURHOOD!

The mexicans walking up and down the street have a nasty spitting habit - men, women, children, all spit - over your car, in your driveway, on the pavement - not only do they spit every few yards but public "nose clearing" is common - No they dont use handkerchiefs or tissues - they just bend over and blow their nose out over the side walk - sometimes you can see that they end up with mucous on their clothes and hands but they just continue on their way - perhaps to their place of work, perhaps they are teachers, perhaps they enter another restaurant or supermarket.

The mexicans are a filthy dirty people - I have lived in many places around the world, including some of the worlds poorest 3rd world countries, but it doesn't get any worse than this in mexico. These are the filthiest people I have ever encountered, and it is no surprise that there are nasty viruses here. Watch out world, the filthy mexicans will pollute you all.

I dare any "educated" person to come and tell me that this mexican lifestyle is "normal", ecological, green, friendly... is this a racist article? No way, it is simply a truthful observation.

I am getting out of here ASP - I cannot live amongst these dirty people any longer.

NeoGeo said...

Any film crews out there wanna make a documentary? Mexico is a threat not only to the U.S. but also the rest of the world. I can show you places and stuff here that you can film first-hand that will make your stomach turn. Leprosy, Dengue, Malaria, Cholera, and a heap of unknown diseases are common here. You wanna film public market places where the stench of death and decay from trash and bad hygiene is so overpowering you will throw up?

You wanna see animals treated with unimaginable cruelty?

You wanna know how the common mexican lives?

You wanna film why there is an epidemic outbreak here?

You want explosives? You want nasty toxic chemicals? You want banned medical drugs? Whether you are a kid, an adult, male or female, street worker or potential terrorist, get it all here in Mexico. CHEAP. No questions asked.

Leave a temporary email anyone interested.

No I am not selling - I want to expose the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yo, just sell mexican bottled water in the U.S. and europe, man thats gonna give you a cool pandemic

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

I am at the point where the next time I see Mexican diapers thrown in the street, I wil toss them on a random Mexicans lawn since they obviously don't care. Rats are cleaner, monkeys are cleaner. If I actually catch a Mexican tossing the diaper I will shove it down their throat. I have already seen these subhumans open their car doors and pour trash on my driveway, and retrieved it all into a trash can and poured it in their window before they drove away. For some strange reason it offended them. Delusion brown trash. Trash. It's too bad we didn't buy the Berlin wall and use it between the us and trash land.