Thursday, 7 June 2007

Religion - The Worlds Deadliest Cause

Throughout mankind's history, his "animal side" while controlled and oppressed to some extent, has never really been dominated. Animals are territorial - so are humans. Animals fight for superiority within their own species - so do humans - animals protect their young from threats - so do humans - animals kill to eat, well so do humans, but only humans kill for pleasure (pleasure here includes sport, sex, entertainment, money, vengeance, greed, ego, etc.) There are a lot of other things that humans do that not even animals would consider doing.

Hitler and his regime destroyed how many, 6 million Jews? and with particularly gruesome and cruel methods, not to mention the torture, abuse, live surgeries and experiments. Many people have claimed Hitler was a christian, (he was in fact born and raised a catholic) - should we care whether he was christian, catholic or whatever? No we shouldn't, Hitler is merely one of millions of examples of the human animal - predator, destroyer, dominator. At this point many catholics and christians will jump up and say, "look, isn't this proof that with religion these things would not have happened?


If you think Hitler was bad, then just take a look at history and see how many people have been slaughtered in the name of religion - hundreds of millions? Equally vile and cruel deaths have been applied to everyone from grandfathers to new born babies - global slaughter that continues today even as you read this. How many native americans (not just in north america, try south america also) were slaughtered for being "heathen" - their cities and temples destroyed, churches erected on top of the ruins by christians and catholics claiming supremacy? C'mon, this history is within the last 400 years, it's not so old - how many innocent women and children were burned alive because they were thought to be witches by the "religious persecutors?" - it goes on, the Vikings, the Norsemen, the Moors, the Crusaders, the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians, the Maya, the Aztec, the Taliban, the Sunni, the Shiite, the Iraqis, the palestinians, the Jews, the Hindu...

How many millions, if not billions of people have been slaughtered throughout history in the name of religious beliefs?

Is there any religious group out there not guilty of slaughter?

I think not.

Do you expect me to become a Muslim, while daily there are executions, muslims against muslims, bombing, killing, torturing each other, killing their own women and children? They have been that way for centuries - how do you expect me to respect such a religion?

Do you expect me to become a Christian, while christians are responsible throughout history for genocide on a scale far worse than Hitler. Entire countries and peoples destroyed mercilessly in the name of "The Righteous God" - forget it - how do you expect me to respect such a religion?

Should I become a Jew, a Hindu, a Buddhist???

Forget it, forget all of them - enough of all this religious mumbo jumbo god crap - It isn't working. It has never worked. It never will work. Period.

To all the intelligent examples of our species, the human race...



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Anonymous said...

I am in complete Agreement ! Its ridicolous x