Sunday, 3 June 2007

There Is No God - Wake Up

That's right, and I can write those words without the fear that I am going to be struck down with a horrible illness (and if I do fall to cancer its because I smoke, and not gods will), I will not loose my job, and I won't burn in hell when I die. Whatever was the point of burning in hell anyway - what a waste of time.

However, this statement is not a spur of the moment statement, I have actually been mulling this over for some months now (well in truth I have been mulling it over all my life) but something struck me in the last few months. Why do we humans invest so many resources in a 2,000 year old fantasy tale?

Just take the Middle East - a world at war over religion - Shiites and Sunni's, Palestinian and Jew, and more lately Somalia and Ethiopia - and the Christian Americans putting their foot in it because their Christian based political system obliges them. How much money, how much bloodshed, how much suffering, how much inhumanity goes on there is incalculable - shame that all those resources are not invested in something more worthwhile.

OK, so do you believe in god? Then you must also believe in Santa Claus, he is a saint after all, and how about the tooth fairy? Maybe Spiderman and Shrek also? You can see them at the cinema or on DVD, so they must be real, right?

We also have a new Pope - not a normal man by any means, and even less representative of a normal man - he dresses in white robes and lives as a hermit - what the hell does he know about marriage, divorce and all the problems that surround human sexuality??? So why on earth is he dictating about how we should live our lives??? What the hell does he know about anything??? Actually he kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson, two people living in their own fantasy worlds that are far removed from reality - do you see the connection?

Here's another thought that struck me in a conversation with a catholic - I asked, "How does god look", " does he have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two arms, two legs,?" "Of course" said the catholic...

Waitup, waitup.... this god has a human countenance??? Well we are, according to the bible, created in His image.... so what about all the alien life forms out there (if there are any) in whose image were they created? In whose image are the animals created? Are all the animals going to burn in hell for being non-believers?

Humans have created god in their image, this behaviour to create things in the human image is actually quite widespread, just go to any food store and you will see all kinds of packaging bearing humanized images of buns, cakes, sweets, beer, chickens, etc. - and the most famous of all Mickey Mouse - a mouse that wears clothes and talks like humans. Well fine, I accept the advertising strategies, and the entertainment value of Mickey Mouse, but I can't accept the idea of a human looking god, typically described as old looking, grey haired, and obviously a man - but dammit why a man, why not a woman??? Why old and gray-haired... and he is never depicted as chinese, or even less as black!!! But why not??? What brand of toilet paper does he use, does he eat, does he drink, do we look like him or does he look like us?

It just doesn't make sense !!!

Religion doesn't make sense, the Pope doesn't make sense, heaven and hell don't make sense, fighting over religion makes even less sense. All this crap is based on a 2,000 year old fantasy tale.

You don't HAVE to be religious to be a good person... and if any religious person thinks that non-believers are bad persons then they are truly warped by their own religious egos.

John Lennon said some very memorable words in his song Imagine - "Imagine no religion" - sadly some sick bastard killed John Lennon... but those words, in fact that whole song, was a powerful statement that was intended to show that there are alternatives.

Humans around the world tend to fall into 3 camps, there are the "religious", the "atheists" (hate that word), and there are the "unsure". Should we care ? Yes we should, put it this way, if you want to interview for a job and you tell the interviewers that you are a god fearing christian you probably stand a better chance of getting that job than if you told them you were an atheist. Why, because religious people are good, honest people.... total crap - but that's the way society tends to believe. There are just as many christian and catholic and Muslim rapists, robbers, murderers, etc as there are atheist rapists, robbers, murderers, etc.

But try telling someone that you hear voices, that you talked with god - lol, now gets you locked up in an asylum for the mentally deranged. So believing in god is ok, talking with him is loony.

"In God We Trust - God Bless America" - why should he, why can't he bless other countries? What does the word "bless" actually mean here? Do the US and other "influencial" countries make political and military decisions based on their "righteous religeous" outlooks? Then it's no wonder that the world is in a mess.

And to think that all this "religion" comes from some badly written, incomplete story on some papyrus scrolls that have been badly translated and re-translated over the years... supposedly rational intelligent human beings choose to believe in those stories, they make decisions based on those stories, they justify their actions based on those stories, and they answer the absurdity of those stories with even more absurdities.... this, is religion? Then I say to hell with religion.

Ok, lets let up awhile here, I am not writing all this just to bash the religious, I accept that my words here will probably have no effect whatever on the world - but I would like to walk down the street in the knowledge that no-one is going bother me for my color, that no-one is going to bother me for my country of origin or my language, that no-one is going to try and rob me, and that no-one is going to have problems with my mode of dressing... do we have this kind of world yet??? NO WE DON'T - and religion is certainly not capable of providing it, so why don't we all just cut out the crap and put the effort into who we really are... and WHO WE REALLY ARE is going to be my next blogging effort, and it's going to cut deep.

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