Saturday, 27 October 2007


On this blog I have publicly renounced and denounced, all my beliefs in religion, UFO's, ghosts, spirits, Gods, the after life, etc, etc.

During the month of September, 2007 something happened that was to make me question once again "Life, The Universe, and Everything"... on the 14th of September something happened - to date I am totally "Gob Smacked" (to use an english expression of speechless)

On that date - 14th September at 9:20pm - I went outside the back of my office to smoke a cigarette, as I have done many, many times, every day throughout the years. From the patio at the back of my office every star is familiar, and the night sky always looks the same, boring even, but this particular night it was not the same...

This particular night there were two stationary bright points of light hovering in the night sky that were obviously not stars - they were not there the day/night before... in fact they were so "bright" and "obvious" that I ran back inside the office and dragged a member of the public (a girl) who was visiting at the time outside to witness what I was seeing...

As we both watched these bright elements in the night sky, the upper left element faded from view - and then moments later the second object - the lower right object - faded from view - I saw it - she saw it - there is no doubt about our eyesight.... we saw it... It was a clear night with no clouds, and the view is westward out over the atlantic ocean which is about 5 miles from my office. There is an airport nearby (about 20 miles away) - it's a small airport that does accept international flights, but the habits and flight patterns from the airport are very familiar to me. The lights we saw were not aircraft - I am familiar enough with aircraft (I used to work with aircraft as a designer at the BAE Aircraft company) to know that... and they were completely stationary yet "distant" - I would have to estimate that they were "at least" 50 miles distant - there was no sound, and the points of light were just too big to be a stars or planets - and they just faded into nothing... Satelites are frequently visible from the patio, but they move across the sky and are much smaller points of light.

The witness (the girl) has changed - she is not so friendly to me as she was before this experience although she continues to be a client. I have changed also - after all I don't believe in this stuff anymore - I have publicly stated that... but this experience is causing me some pretty huge conflicts.

So what on earth happened? The image below I created using PhotoPaint to illustrate what I/we saw... it shows the relative sizes and positions of the objects from our "urban" view point, and is in fact exactly what we saw - Click the image to see it full size

I explained to my wife what happened and showed her the picture of what I saw and basically she told me I must have been drinking, which was not true, but then I did manage to get the witness to say a few words to my wife, but the girl doesn't seem to like talking about the subject anymore.

So I am kinda confused - these things don't exist, I don't believe in UFO's, I publically stated that in this blog... so what on earth did we see?

There must be a rational explanation, right? Well to tell the truth it's been eating away at me that I simply cannot logically explain what I saw, and it seems that no one really believes me either - kinda makes me feel like Hale Berry in the film Gothika - I can see how someone could end up turning crazy over these kinds of things. And I can't seem to forget it either - every night I go out the back to the patio I am reminded again - every time I see the girl, a client, I am reminded again... every night I look to the same patch of sky...

I get the feeling that this is going to be tough to resolve...

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